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The Fight Focus Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

Antwain walked into my gym in 2007 at nearly 300 lbs in weight. What was his goal? Become a UFC fighter.

Naturally I was skeptical and yet skepticism was repacked with optimism as this man literally transformed himself into a professional fighter, competing on The Ultimate Fighter season 8 and as a middleweight contender in Strikeforce.

  1. Fat to Fighting. How he went from 300 lbs. to an elite MMA fighter.
  2. What’s the REAL secret to loosing weight and getting in shape.
  3. Transitioning from Ground and Pound to Knockout Artist.
  4. The golden days of his career and when it stop being fun.
  5. TUF-broke hand and overcoming the setback of that.
  6. The sports entertainment side of modern MMA and his standpoint on.
  7. UFC conspiracy theories.
  8. His thoughts on win-loss bonuses.
  9. How he broke his arm and fought 20 days later.
  10. Fighting 3 men in one night!
  11. What’s a BJJ black belt?


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