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The Fight Focus Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

I met Andrea back in 2013 when she was still an amateur fighter. She went through the first year of what became the Muay Thai University and earned the rank of Kru under me.

Since then, through trials and tribulations, has fought for Legacy, Invicta and now is a contender for the newly budding and competitive 125 pound division in the UFC.


On the show we talked about:


  1. When should a fighter “Go Pro.”
  2. Why wrestling has influenced her positively?
  3. Being a mom in MMA and how her daughter helped her overcome one of her toughest moments in the cage.
  4. Her biggest personal hurdle, after leaving her husband and coach and how she overcomes them.
  5. Hard Sparing or NOT?
  6. How fighting has given her purpose?
  7. Social media shenanigans.

And much more.




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